HordoN - Exercise Your Inner Athlete
Elite Exercisers
Professionals that want to optimize their athletic performance as well as lay a foundation for great health for the rest of their lives. This is especially prevalent as they are faced with a more sedentary lifestyle due to the nature of family and profession. Often these athletes compete in Iron Man Competitions, Fitness Competitions, Triathlon, and other general fitness related events.  

"I was introduced to Hordon Health and the HordoN training approach about three years ago. I had always been an active person but hated going to the gym. Hordon Health and the methods they use really changed my whole attitude towards working out. The sessions were fun, exciting and challenging, and for the first time, I started to look forward to training. I was a pretty serious athlete in high school, and I enjoy skiing, telemarking, golfing and hiking. Training with Hordon Health made me feel like a real athlete again. I thought I was in decent shape but after 8 months I dropped about 11% in body fat and several inches off my thighs, waist and actually gained in my arms, which had always been puny. Not only did I feel great physically, but my new regular work out regimen really helped improve my emotional well being and mood in general. All of a sudden, I could lift more weight than I ever even imagined, and I didn't look bulky at all!"-7 Year Client 

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