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HordoN HEALTH Corporate Consulting
Maximize Production - Increase Energy  
Manage Stress - Create a Positive Working Environment
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HordoN HEALTH has two distinct areas of expertise regarding Corporate Consulting that can combine to be a partnering force in industry. 

HordoN HEALTH's Lifestyle Consulting will take your unique business needs into consideration while creating a healthier and more efficient environment with leading ideologies and theories in the work place. Derivative from the examination of successful businesses world-round, these processes use exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle practices that have excelled companies to extraordinary levels.

HordoN HEALTH's Integrated Systematic Engineering is provided by only Marc Hordon. Marc has created an extensively complex observation of the systematic world that has changed the lives of individuals and corporations alike. In a constantly changing and ever demanding world, it is this type of innovative leader that will be the difference between success and failure, exception and status-quo.

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