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Much of the Strength & Conditioning Industry is focused on the creation of strength from the position of arbitrary athleticism, claiming that you can't teach athleticism or train to be better at a specific sport. We refute this as our Musculosystematic Sport Performance Engineers™ have designed and built hundreds of elite athletes with incredibly far advanced physical abilities, specified for their sport and position, comparatively impervious to injury.
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Each sport has its own set of physical needs and boundaries. It would be contrary to an athlete's goals to be trained in such a way that promotes arbitrary physical ability, or that physically promotes an alternative movement pattern than the specific physical demands of both the sport and the focused position within the sport. 
FOR EXAMPLE, if a pitcher loses even a sixteenth of an inch in range of motion in the throwing shoulder from too much bench pressing, it consequently results in a permanent and significant loss of velocity and control. 
Our goal at HordoN HEALTH is to make the athlete a better athlete in his or her own sport and position, not to make the athlete arbitrarily stronger. The adjustments that HordoN HEALTH Musculosystematic Sport Performance Training™ provide to support each specific sport's unique movement demands are essential to the athletes capabilities in each highly individualized sport.
  Our Musculosystematic Sport Performance Engineers serve the following sports:
Baseball - Hockey - Softball - Lacrosse - Field Hockey - Football  - Track and Field Basketball - Volleyball - Soccer - Swimming - Diving - Golf - Rugby
Olympic Lifting - Boxing - MMA - Wrestling - Hurling - Gymnastics - Alpine Sport
Football Star Renegade Athlete John Barry

We don't train  to make the athlete "stronger."
We don't train to make the athlete "faster."
We don't train to make the athlete "bigger."
We train to make the athlete
We Engineer A Better Sport-Specific, Position-Specific Athlete.
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