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Musculosystematic Therapy™ is an expertly designed form of Rehabilitation responsible for a swift and permanent injury and/or surgical recovery. A combination of techniques from across the globe have been closely studied by co-founders Marc Hordon, International Sport Performance Coach and Master of Human Movement and
Matthew Fothergill, sDPT and Master Certified Musculosystematic Engineer™.
Re-Engineering techniques such as adapted ancient eastern massage and integrated American isolation rehabilitation practices have HordoN HEALTH Musculosystematic Therapy™ clients functioning better than before the injury and/or surgery.

Where American Physical Therapy practices focus on agonist and antagonist muscle contraction mostly found in the large muscle groups, Musculosystematic Therapy™ develops highly refined  and multi-tiered synergistic muscle that both leverages the large muscle movements and tracks the intricate demands of the movements. 

Musculosystematic Therapy™ at HordoN HEALTH is offered for patients/clients with a relatively uncomplicated medical history, as well as patients/clients of special populations. More details regarding which of the Musculosystematic Engineers at HordoN HEALTH work with special populations and what those populations are may be found on our MsE Coaches pages.

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Musculosystematic™ Nodroh Massage and (Re-)Engineering provide not just a permanent injury preventative and pain relieving service, but the efficiency and precision of this process is unparalleled in any other rehabilitation service in the country. Most of our clients return to a higher proficiency of function than before the injury and/or surgery.

Musculosystematic Therapy™ 
Each person moves slightly differently, utilizing hundreds of interconnected collective movement patterns every day. Because of the repetitious nature of human movement, dysfunctional movement patterns overwork small muscle, and/or often fascial tissue systems. This dysfunction inevitably leads to injury, mostly of two orders. 

The first order of injury most directly related to pattern repetition is an Overuse Injury, such as tendinitis, bursitis, and other injuries that indicate swelling and a dull pain. 

Traumatic Injury, the second order of physical injury, is often the byproduct of pattern repetition, subsequent antagonist pattern weakness, and a period of high intensity stress or torque, i.e. the tearing of a ligament, breaking of a bone, or the dislocation in a joint.
Although it is true that Spontaneous Injuries, freak accidents often involving impact that do not spawn from movement pattern, do occur, it is also true that the majority of injuries can be avoided with a number of preventative measures taken with properly applied Musculosystematics™.
Due to the natural origin of most injuries that occur in the general public, Musculosystematic Therapy™ has developed a two-part system that restores our patients to a level of functionality greater than the level they had before the injury occurred. The system not only provides a full healthy recovery, but as importantly, an incredible resistance to re-injury, a common conflict with typical rehabilitation practices. 

Step One
Musculosystematic Re-Engineering, the teaching of proper movement pattern for identified dysfunctional system that lead to the injury, and re-designing the pattern of further, less-involved systems

Step Two
 Musculosystematic Pre-Engineering, the strengthening and further advancing the coordination of proper movement patterns based on the individual movement demands of the clients' lifestyle
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