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 Musculosystematic Engineering™
Musculosystematics™ is the study of the safety and effect of cumulative neuromuscular interaction in any movement at any moment, in which each neurological pathway and muscle has multiple distinct functional responsibilities

Each human being already has, and always will have to an extent, a current state of dysfunction in neuromuscular interaction, and it is the job of the MsE to re-assign neuromuscular responsibilities in order to create a safely and effectively moving human. The current state of function in each human has to do with a myriad of influences including, but not limited to, history of activity, sport, side domination, injury, genetics, and coaching.

HordoN HEALTH practices Musculosystematic Engineering™, created by Human Systems Guru, Marc Hordon. He was generally influenced by John Davies, The Burdenko Method, The Egoscue Method, and multiple Eastern Modalities.

Marc expanded each intimately researched method, combined and re-evaluated theories, and began designing an upgraded version of movement patterning drawing from his own experience as an elite performer at the highest levels of sport. After advancing movement theory, introducing collective muscle movement, and studying multiple international bodies of work in the field of movement pattern and design, Marc found a full spectral system of advanced, movement-specific, communicative performance training. Marc's training is used in institutions across the globe to engineer and re-engineer the athlete's multiple systems of muscle communication needed to safely and efficiently operate intricate athletic movements of the human body.
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