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Speed for your beach game!

As a defensive beach volleyball player, I need to constantly work towards increased foot speed. The faster I am, the easier it is for me to run down a roll shot or save a broken play. All beach players should work on their mobility and court coverage by adding speed training to their workout program. Sprint training, the best way to increase speed, transforms the strength developed in the gym into power, plyometric explosiveness and agility on the sand.

Sprint Speed Workout:

You can perform this training sequence at the end of an agility or plyometric workout to build or maintain speed and anaerobic conditioning.

Northwestern University's Football Union and The Slippery Slope of Paying College Athletes

For the better part of the past decade, there has been a steadily growing number of people in the media, as well as current and former athletes themselves, asking the question, “should college athletes be paid?” and answering, “yes”. The din reached ear, and head, splitting volumes last fall, when Johnny Manziel brought the discussion out of the sports page, and onto the front pages of major media outlets all over the United States. Now, with last week’s announcement that Northwestern University’s football team was unionizing, forming the College Athletes Players Association, or C.

Injury Prevention for Snow Sport Athletes, Part II: Back Maintenance

Injury Prevention for Snow Sport Athletes, Part II: Back Maintenance  

As we close out an amazing season for New England’s snow riders, no doubt, many of you are nursing the aches and pains that come with long days on the hill. Among my snow sport enthusiast clients, one of the most common complaints is the ubiquitous “tight back”.

Snow sport athletes live in a dynamic squatting position, which puts tremendous demand on postural muscles in your hips and back. Considering that your trunk, and especially your back, is in a constant state of bracing against tremendous forces, it is of the utmost importance that those muscles are prepared with strength and resilience.

Start Spring off with a smile!

Spring time, the best time of the year I think! Warmer weather, flowers in bloom and spring training for those summer sport athletes like myself; but for some there is a lot of anxiety that comes with spring – wearing skirts and shorts, going sleeveless, and bathing suits right around the corner. 

If you started your new year with a resolution to get fit, eat healthy, or lose weight, and you either fell off the wagon or haven’t reached your goals yet, now is your second chance at Hordon Health!

Part One of a Series on the Law of Diminishing Returns, and The Exercise Tracking Business.

As a coach, lifelong athlete, and avid exerciser, I am a fan of anything that motivates people to be healthier.

I have met, and respect Richard Simmons because he convinced millions of unhealthy people to get off their couches and “Sweat to the Oldies”.

Even with all of its many faults and dangers, I would rather have sedentary or obese folks get addicted toCrossFitthan continue their addiction to television and fried food. So, a few years back, when the pedometer craze started in earnest, I was on board.
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