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Exercise as Fun

Joy in rediscovering what your body is capable of

Among exercising adults, runners are in an exceptional position. Runners are lucky enough to experience what’s referred to as an “endorphin high”. While most active adults gleam very little pleasure from their activity of choice, with most viewing exercise as a necessary evil, necessary for weight loss or weight control, lowering high blood pressure, rehabilitating after non activity related injury, or a variety of other doctor prescribed reasons. Runners, however, get a rush of chemical stimulants. It is more like a release than active fun, however, more closely related to completing a task than participating in play. Even adults who participate in games they learned as fun; basketball, softball, soccer, etc. in general, gleam more positive feelings from victory or camaraderie than joy from the actual activity. 

Early one morning, I was in Hordon Health’s studio in Boston’s historic North End with one of our many incredible clients. This client, let’s call her Vicki, is a runner. Vicki is a mother of two grown men, and loving wife of a marathon running husband. Vicki runs as a hobby, and is very competitive in her age group, and would hold her own in the groups below her (not to mention with athletic men her age as well, no doubt) and runs several competitive races each year. Somewhere along the line, Vicki, like the vast majority of adults, had the line of communication connecting her idea of joy with physical exertion severed. Don’t get me wrong, Vicki still exercised, and likes running. She now gets that runner’s high from long runs. The childlike joy of being out of breath and moving, however, had escaped her.

This particular morning, I was more excited than usual for her session. I was getting ready to introduce her to several childlike moves that pertained directly to her running.  You see, earlier in the week, during one of her standard five mile jaunts around The Hub (Boston’s nickname), she was tripped up by an obstacle and took a fall. Don’t worry; the fall was not especially bad. Her training as a Renegade had developed her relationship with the ground, and her balance, to such an extent that she was able to (almost) catch herself and roll through her fall. A typical person of her age and fitness level would have tripped, fallen onto their face, and would have had to quit their run to head back home to patch scrapes, ice a sprain, or worse. Even with Vickie’s relatively new relationship with Renegade training, her body was aware enough to prevent those things from happening, and was able to easily complete her run. She also is smart enough, and so cognoscente of her body, that she knew that her training had helped her ability to avoid injury.

Knowing this, I designed her workout to include tumbles, jumps, and moves that Nikolay Burdenko introduced to the exercise community. After a strenuous workout that included extensive DMC, RED, and Rx Renegade aspects, I spread a mat and had her tumble, roll and jump around our studio. The look on Vickie’s face was one of those moments that make me glad to be a Renegade trainer. It was pure joy. Joy from doing somersaults for the first time since her childhood, joy from jumping up onto something successfully, joy from simply using muscles she forgot she had to roll around our floor. Moves she had forgotten she could do. She was nearly giddy, and thanked me profusely.

Renegade trainers at Hordon Health in Boston’s historic North End can help anyone of any ability and fitness level reconnect to their childlike joy of exercise. Contact us today and start your journey backward, to a time when moving dynamically was not a necessary evil, but pure joy, and watch your body turn back the clock every day, in every way.

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