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October 2011

Part II of a Renegade's Big Box Gym Lament

As some of you are aware, in my previous article, I outlined some of the major differences in philosophy betweenHordon Healthand the U.S. standard "big box" gyms. Now, I would like to recount the day that served as the straw  that broke the camel's back, to turn a phrase, in my experience with Joe Fit.

My relationship with Joe Fit came to an abrupt and unceremonious end shortly after I moved to Boston. At the time, I was an avid Crossfit athlete, and as such had a very intense and decidedly different workout from the standard Joe Fit hamster on an elliptical machine.

Our Game

We get paid money to play a game. A game that many people enjoy at a company picnic or during a visit to the beach or the park. Our version of the game of volleyball is a little different than the picnic version. In our game, the ball travels over 90 miles an hour, and two adult men must cover every inch of the court. Normal people suck air and get screaming muscles just trying to walk in fine beach sand that collapses under their weight and seems to hold onto their ankles like quicksand. We jump up and down in this stuff and try to smash a ball over a net that towers eight feet above the sand, while on the other side lurks the opponent, just as tall and strong and experienced as us, ready to use every physical resource he has to try and slam the ball right back in our faces—the harder the better.

John Lester, Players NOT the Problem

Let's get this out of the way. There is a good chance that in the history of baseball, there has been no athlete to gain 10% body fat in 9 months. You have to be amazing at gaining fat like that, gifted even. Beckett's inflation was most likely only 5% or 6% at most, which is a historic fat increase.
Athletes gain fat during performance as it is not exercise designed to lose fat, gain muscle, or any other exercise related goals. Rather the bodyperforms, which is why a highly effective off season program is so crucial to a player's development (see

Part I of a Renegade's lament to Big Box gyms

Some time ago, I found myself traveling frequently around the United States as a professional musician. Although I loved my life singing lead for a touring band, it made my exercise habit a tough one to hold on to. I was forced to join several of the growing number of “big box” gyms in order to ensure every city in which I stopped would have a place where I could find the equipment necessary to continue improving my body and my life through exercise.

As I drew toward the end of my time with that particular band, I had whittled the list of fitness centers needed down to one, now ubiquitous, massive franchise.

The Solution to the Red Sox Problem

Once again, we find a American Sport conversation fall under the umbrella of treating symptoms on not problems...
John Lester, whose latest comments added fuel to an already brightly burning fire. behind closed doors in Red Sox Nation...I love American Sports, I love the way we embrace them, bond around them, and post up against them; but  this problem treating symptoms is down to the core of our applies in our pie, and if left untreteated we will watch the money go down the drain like it has in New York (both Yankees and Mets), LA (they are bankrupt now yes?), and further on down the line of overpaid-underachieved sports franchises.
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