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New Year's Resolution Revolution Conclusion

Part II;

Here we go.

               If you follow Hordon Health through social media, or are a member of the Renegade International community, then you are very familiar with the concept of “50/50”. The traditional variety, and most recommended by Renegade International founder, John Davies, is to complete 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups immediately upon rousing in the morning, on an empty stomach. These push-ups should be completed with perfect form, as with the sit-ups. That means; perfectly flat back through the entire range of motion, lowering the chest all the way to the floor and pushing up to straight arms on the push-ups. It means, in the sit-up, unanchored feet remain flat on the floor for the entire exercise, hands gently behind the head or extended straight overhead, and sitting up into perfect posture at the top.

Now, I realize that, in our current state of fitness, in this country especially, a high percentage of you will not be able to complete five consecutive, much less 50, of either exercise with perfect form. It’s ok! This is the easily trackable part of our resolution. Start with as many PERFECT repetitions of each that you can do in a row, and add a repetition every few days, never doing fewer than the day before. Once you get to about 20 continuous PERFECT (did I mention, your form should be perfect?) repetitions, start breaking it up into sets. For example; Brian can do 30 straight push-ups, then shakes his arms out, and does 10 more, then shakes his arms out and does his final 10 push-ups, then he does all of his sit-ups.

I know that this habit could get very monotonous if done like this for the entire year. So, allow me to propose this; work in other, what I refer to as, “cornerstone” exercises, and do them as your 50/50 on days when you are less enthusiastic about push-ups or sit-ups.

Here are several “cornerstone” exercises;
Iron Cross Squats
Bent Knee Leg Swings
One Leg Table
One Leg Bridge

Remember how I was focusing on perfect form for the sit-ups and push-ups? That same focus applies to the above variety pack of “cornerstone” exercises. Form should be perfect throughout. If you are unfamiliar with any of the above exercises, foggy as to what PERFECT FORM means exactly,  or can’t perform them at all, come in to Hordon Health, and set up a training session with one of our highly skilled Renegade International Certified coaches. We’ll get you straightened out.

The benefits of adopting this seemingly small habit cannot be overstated. The exertion fresh out of sleep shocks your muscles, ignites metabolism, sets up your energy for the beginning of the day, and focuses you for your morning routine. The fact that you will have been fasting (unless you snack while you sleep) has yet more training advantages (see USP Labs Forums for more information on this). You’ll work out any soreness and stiffness built up over night, to say nothing of the actual basic muscular benefits of the exercises themselves.

Let’s make 2012 the healthiest year ever. 50/50s are a relatively simple way to ensure that. Let's crush our collective New Year’s resolution.

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