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Current Affairs

What an Opening Day!

Well it finally got here, opening day! A moderate amount of my hand-wringing over losing Vazquez for the season to Tommy John Surgery was addressed within hours of writing last week in the acquisition of intriguing 3-string catcher Sandy Leon from catcher-wealthy Nationals for cash considerations. He seems to be more or less useless in the hitting role but his defense is solid and we’d just need him enough to make sure Hanigan doesn’t explode into a dust cloud. So that’s it, we’ve had our first taste of  real Red Sox baseball for 2015 (Wainwright looked dominant and Lester looked ordinary in MLB’s official opener).

Catch(er) 22

The initial focus of this week’s entry was going to be on Castillo, he of the multiple late-inning homer heroics, an arm starting to really show its might, and canny baserunning ability that has ensured his runs scored tallies higher than his runs driven in (5 to 4). It’s an interesting subject entering the final week of Spring Training as the rosters start solidifying. Swihart aside, our lineup on Sunday’s game is fairly close to what we’d expect the lineup to be April 6. But that’s not what’s on people’s minds.

TWISN- Coming Into Focus

The rosters are beginning to get pared down and we’re closer to getting a clear picture of what this Red Sox team might look like during the season. And, at least as far as the bats are concerned, it looks like a complete monster. After a slow start to the spring, our Prodigal Ramirez (hey, that's him in the picture!) cranked a monster blast to straight center against the Pirates on Saturday. This was no mistake pitch and it was not to the meatiest part of that very meaty bat: Hanley simply crushed a good pitch to the deepest part of the park.

This Week in Sox Nation: Episode One, Hope Springs Eternal

Ok Sox Nation. Who’s over winter? Who’s ready for icy beverages while wearing a tank top, soaking up the 80 degree sunshine in the bleachers at the Fens? Well, the first official harbingers of summer are happening clad in the uniform of our beloved boys of summer. 

Baseball is finally back and while March is entering like a lion the bats in Ft. Myers are entering like… a different kind of lion? The lion you cheer for, Simba to New England Winter’s Scar. While over the weekend Boston surpassed 1994-95’s winter for most inches of snowfall, potential future Phillies catcher Blake Swihart went 2 for 3 with a RBI to pump his spring average to .

Tiger Woods is “fixing” the Wrong Things

The best golfer of all time, one of the most dominant athletes in history, is preparing for his next tournament. Five years ago, we would be talking about “tune ups” and by how much he will beat the field. “Tiger or the field?” was a legitimate question asked often by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, the second half of my favorite hour of daily programming on T.V. (shout out to Around The Horn). Now, after years of personal turmoil and professional failure, the more appropriate question is; will Tiger BE in the field on Saturday?
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