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HH Client Stories

Winter's a Wrap(-up)

As the posts on snow sport themed social media turn from face shots and pow days to pond skimming, Reggae Fest, and Tuckerman’s ripping, We at theBoston Institute of Snowlike to take stock of the season that was, and look forward to plans for next season.

A great place to start is to replay the highlights. For us, it was a trip out to ‘Breck. They had gotten 30”+ in the ten days prior to our arrival, and our stay was bookended by nice 4-10” sized refreshers and included really comfortable mid-season temps and uncrowded conditions.

Rare or Rarely Explored?

Today is the 29 of February, the rarest day on the calendar. It is also Rare Disease Day (#rarediseaseday), an opportunity to recognize those diseases that are one in million and those perplexing conditions that often slip under the radar of the healthcare system. Coincidentally, two of HordoN HEALTH’sMusculosystematic Engineers(MsE™) have recently become involved with one such syndrome.

Over the course of our collective careers inMsE™, Coach Thomas Morris and I have embraced the professional challenge of encountering a high volume of people with extraordinarily complex clinical presentations or sets of symptoms.

Know Your Body, Know Your Limits

 My Re-Education Lessons
      As a high level volleyball athlete at Endicott College, I experienced pain in my right knee the majority of my seasons. It didn’t always slow me down, but during my junior year the pain became so much that I could barely walk after practice and had to be in the gym or athletic training room to warm up an hour before the team even arrived just so I would be able to practice. As the starting libero, I was reluctant to sit out practices for fear of losing out on playing time; something I feel like most athletes go through during their career.

An Amazing Client Making an Amazing Difference in the World

As manager at HordoN HEALTH, I am often proud of our clients. I have been known to sprint down the street cheering when one of my athletes crushes their goals, or shed a tear or two when a new mom thanks me for helping her move without pain again. I am lucky enough to have these types of moments happen not infrequently, as our coaches are master motivators, and we tend to cultivate clients who are not good, but great. There are times, however, when I feel as if I need to shout from the rooftops about one of our clients, and this is one of those times.

A Family Member Takes The Next Step

We at HordoN HEALTH and theBoston Sports Institutesare lucky enough to work with some very gifted athletes, and great people. As current and former athletes, we take extra pride in our young athletes in theSports Institutes. It makes us proud when they graduate from high school and attend leading prep schools, universities, or colleges regardless of whether or not they continue to pursue interscholastic athletics. We take as much pride in their growth into responsible, intelligent, and caring men and women.
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