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Hordon Healthy Lifestyle

Let the Season Begin!

OK, sports fans, European soccer leagues are in full swing! The English Premier League is off to a very interesting start with some unexpected teams sitting higher, and some lower, then one might guess. Chelsea is playing the best ball in the league so far, sitting at the top if the table even without Frank Lampard (who was traded to Manchester City). Manchester United and Liverpool’s performances have both been below the standard of play we’re used to expecting, but we do have plenty of season left.

Indoor volleyball season boost!

Indoor volleyball season is just around the corner and the Boston Institute of Jump wants to help you get a leg up on the competition. Here are a few exercises you can add to your weekly jump program. Enjoy!

Approach Jump
Reps 4 sets of 6
1. Stand at the location off the net where you would begin your hitting approach.
2. Take your approach (3 or 4 steps, whichever is most comfortable), making sure your last two steps position your feet hip-width apart in a good jumping stance with your hips low and retracted behind you, arms extended back, and maintaining good posture.

LeBron Joins Cleveland, Sports World Goes Wild

In 2006, the first year that I had ever watched the NBA, the Miami HEAT won the NBA Championship behind a heroic effort from Dwyane Wade and several other former stars in Gary Payton, Jason Williams, Antoine Walker, and let’s not forget about Shaq; along with another longstanding leader with the HEAT in Udonis Haslem. I fell in love with Wade’s midrange game and his effortless ability to soar through the air. Their play entrapped me and not only made me lifelong Miami HEAT fan but also an NBA fan.

NEWHBA~Fest at Christopher Columbus Park, June 21st 2014

    On June 21 2014, NEWHBA and the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park co-hosted the second Annual NEWHBA-Fest in Christopher Columbus Park in the North End to raise money for the local Nazzaro Community Center as well as raise awareness about all of the local health and beauty options in Boston. To put it plainly, the festival was a success. The local bands were playing; the people were dancing; the volleyballers were volleyballing. It was a great atmosphere. NEWHBA’s sponsors and vendors were out in full force for the majority of the day, educating the public about how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle and look beautiful while doing it.

Euro Soccer Review: Madrid Final!

What a week it has been! Champion’s league final is set, the Serie A crown was awarded and the English Premiership is approaching a very dramatic ending.  Plus we’re under the two month mark for the up and coming 2014 World Cup.  

Champion’s league-UEFA:   An all Madrid final is set! Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid with face off in a bitter battle for the Champions League title on May 24. The two clubs play only four miles from each other but will fight for the European football crown across the border in Lisbon, Portugal.
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